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* All funds raised will go towards FES STEAM programs.


How Flocking Works 


You can flock a friend for a donation of only $25.  Upon receipt of your donation and order form a volunteer will secretly place a flock of FES PTA flamingos on the requested friend's front yard.  Birds will migrate during the evening hours the day before requested (depending upon the availability of the flock), and they will remain there for no more than 48 hours).  A notice will be attached explaining the removal policy, how to relocate the flock and how to buy flamingo "insurance".  Sorry, our birds may not migrate or be placed onto public property or at apartment complexes! Flocking is done Monday-Friday. The flamingos need their rest on the weekends!


How Flamingos Are Removed 


The FES PTA flamingos will be removed from their "landing site" by a volunteer within 48 hours of placement.  The flamingos can be forwarded on to the next friend.  Requests can be made by filling out the FLOCKING ORDER FORM.


How to Avoid Being Flocked 


You may buy insurance for the entire flocking season.  Remember, without insurance you could be flocked several times! 


PRE-FLAMINGO INSURANCE: Coverage for people who have not yet been flocked is $25. You will be protected throughout the entire flamingo season. 


POST-FLAMINGO INSURANCE: If you have already been flocked and do not wish to look at any more beady-eyed flamingos, you may purchase coverage for a donation of $15 to insure no future flocking for the remainder of the season. 


Thank you in advance for your support and sense of humor!  Pass on the excitement of being flocked to your friends!


 Please email fesflamingo@gmail.com with any questions


Flamingo Flocking is done in good spirit and is not meant to be malicious. 



Calling all 5th Graders …
Locker Ladders Are Here!

What’s a Locker Ladder? It’s the single most usefultool for keeping your middle school locker neat and organized!

Lots of colors to choose from, only $25!


Check out the details, and order conveniently online, by clicking HERE!


All orders due by Friday, April 20th.

Please email carolynceliberti@gmail.com with any questions.

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The Farmingville Elementary School PTA Mission Statement


    STEPS…Supporting Teachers Encouraging Parents & Students!


Our goals and objectives are: 

  • To improve the learning experience provided for each child through enrichment, enhancement and advocacy.
  • To support the administration, faculty and staff in the education of FES students; academically, socially and civically.
  • To encourage parental involvement by sharing their time, talents and financial resources.



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