Kevin Waldon will be joining us on Friday, November 9th for grades K-2.  

Kevin Waldron was born in Dublin and, after graduating with a degree in Graphic Design, he moved to London where he studied for an MA in Illustration at Kingston University. He decided to specialise in children's book illustration and found a studio in central London where he produced his first book for Templar, Mr Peek and the Misunderstanding at the Zoo, published in 2008. Kevin has now emigrated to America and lives in New York. 


If you would like to pre-purchase one of the books Kevin will be discussing, you can do so by clicking here.




Lauren Baratz-Logsted will be joining us on Wednesday, November 7th for grades 3-5. 

She will be discussing her book, I Love You, Michael Collins,  which is a finalist for the CT Book Award along with being a finalist in five other states.



It’s 1969 and the country is gearing up for what looks to be the most exciting moment in U.S. history: men landing on the moon. Ten-year-old Mamie’s class is given an assignment to write letters to the astronauts. All the girls write to Neil Armstrong ("So cute!") and all the boys write to Buzz Aldrin ("So cool!"). Only Mamie writes to Michael Collins, the astronaut who will come so close but never achieve everyone else's dream of walking on the moon, because he is the one who must stay with the ship. After school ends, Mamie keeps writing to Michael Collins, taking comfort in telling someone about what's going on with her family as, one by one, they leave the house thinking that someone else is taking care of her—until she is all alone except for her cat and her best friend, Buster. And as the date of the launch nears, Mamie can't help but wonder:  Does no one stay with the ship anymore?


If you would like to pre-purchase "I Love You, Michael Collins" you can do so by clicking here.